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PostSubject: Rules [PLEASE READ]   Rules [PLEASE READ] EmptyMon Jun 23, 2008 10:04 pm


Since the Forum's gotten pretty big (love you all!) and we need to edit some of these and add =D

There is a Introduction post, you have to introduce yourselves.
It does not have to be a novel, just drop a line or two, about how you got to this nice ol' place here ^^.

PLEASE! If you want to post, please check all sections for existing post. Re-posting is really annoying and it's considered spamming!!.
Post relevant topics only. If you're unsure or don't know where to post a certain topic, use the Shout Box and ask first!!
Please! let's keep our posts at least about 10-15 words long. I will keep an eye about this from NOW on. This is to avoid spamming. If you notice post shorter than that. please help us by letting that member know :)
NO DOUBLE POSTING PLEASE! Edit your first post, we dont want 5 consecutive posts from one user, unless it's from another day.
Post Topics on their own thread! Use the "Random" Forum to post miscellaneous images/songs or Artwork. DO NOT post things like "where can i find this?" or " have you seen this?". things like that should be asked on the Shout Box.
All lager pics please under a spoiler tag, as well for spoilers itself.
No excessive Quoting, please keep it to a minimum
all videos posted here please also under a spoiler tag.


DO NOT Re-upload information that has been Only been posted here!!!. I have such a hard time looking for magazines ex: Miss, Nonno, More.. and/or Videos, I tend to go download the file from streaming site. So please, credit and everything will be fine. I try my best at crediting my sources. ex: baidu, Haruma Chinese Forum, Hudie.com. If you take information from another site please credit! we dont want to get on bad terms with them.
I have seen scans posted on many other places. If i see this happening often, i will lock the Scans/Videos section of a period of time. If i see these are shared by members of this forum, they will be I.P banned!

Avatars and Signatures
Avatars no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels. please if yours is bigger than that, then must be changed!
Signature size is up to you, just not so big that it messes up the layout please.

If we notice a spammer, or we think there is one, we will keep an eye on you :lol!:

If there IS a spammer and we notice it we will warn that person, of
that person STILL spams we will take away your posting access and/or
ban that person!
If you notice a spammer, you can drop either Kozumifan or me (KazamaYuuka) a pm.

Board Problems

If by any chance something happens to the board and you notice it
before we do please email us at miura-haruma-forum@hotmail.de

If i forgot to mention something you think it should be posted here, please let me know ^___^
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PostSubject: Re: Rules [PLEASE READ]   Rules [PLEASE READ] EmptyMon Jan 05, 2009 8:48 am

Rules [PLEASE READ] 247667 OK

I can I can

I understand and I made it .
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Rules [PLEASE READ] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules [PLEASE READ]   Rules [PLEASE READ] EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 10:41 pm

Edited rules again. I've added a few rules because it's become a problem lately.. so please read!

Rules [PLEASE READ] Takerugifwe6
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Rules [PLEASE READ] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules [PLEASE READ]   Rules [PLEASE READ] Empty

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